What Made Me Decide To Start My Own Travel Blog

“No one can tell your story so tell it yourself, and no one can write your story so write it yourself”


Hello everyone! This is my very first post. And while I’m typing these letters one by one, the feeling that I have right now is excited and a bit nervous at the same time.. 🙂

It was year 2015 when I decided to travel in different places here in the Philippines. I went to Cebu, Vigan, Cagbalete island (Mauban, Quezon), Ilocos Norte/Sur, Pagudpod, etc.. It was really fun.

So the following year, I promised myself to travel or visit a place at least once a month. I thought I will be having a hard time doing that considering my busy schedule at work, and of course all the expenses. Fast forward, at the end of year 2016, I’m so happy that I made it! 🙂 Below is the photo collage of my 2016 travel..

travel blog pics

In between of this adventure, some of the people I met often asked me if I have a travel blog. I said no. Someone replied, “You should have a travel blog ‘coz you always travel.” I just answered, “there are a lot of travel blogs out there, I don’t see the need why I should create one.”

So fast forward again, April 2017, I bumped into my very close (girl) friend way back since we’re still in high school. We talked for hours about different things, until the “travel” topic brought up. She is updated of what is happening to me and what I am doing for the past years (thanks to social media! lol).

After sharing to her all my stories to all the travel and solo backpacking that I did, she said that I should put all of those things into writing. She didn’t exactly told me to put up a blog, she just said that I should write all those experiences, people that I met, and lessons that I learned, so that my future children and grandchildren can read it as well. Even if I am old and can no longer talk, they can still read it again and again.

I paused for a while and digested what she told me. I said, she has a point. So yeah, maybe I should put all of this into writing. Not just in a regular notebook or MS Word in my PC, but through blogging, so I can share to the world the lessons that I learned through traveling, and to help other backpackers/solo travelers as well on their itinerary and budgeting.

So to my dearest friend, Lee, thanks for inspiring me to do this.

To my future children and grandchildren, this is my journey.

And to all travelers out there, have fun and enjoy!

Carpe diem! 🙂

God bless everyone.

P.S. Since I’m still new here, you can also check my About Me page to get to know me better. 🙂

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