Thank You 2017! Wassup 2018!


It’s already past 11:00 PM as I write this very first line. I really want to finish this on the first day of the year 2018. I’m actually working right now in our office here in Makati. Lots of distraction, pending works left and right, but I really just want to finish this one.

Whew! Okay, so let me start now. Every end of the year for me means time to reflect — reflect on the past year and the year ahead. I have a lot of realizations for the year 2017, but for this post I will focus more on my travels.

I sort out some pictures of my trips for the year 2017, and the result is at the upper part of this page. Looking at those compiled pictures makes me really happy that I was able to visit those places. Every place or country that I’ve been to has its own stories and lessons.

Like what I mentioned before, traveling taught me a lot of things. Instragrammable shots are just bonus, but what matters to me most is the enlightenment, knowledge, experience, peace and moments of solitude that I get whenever I wander.

And so because of that, I want to thank the Lord God for letting me experience all those things. Thank you Lord for all the adventures and life lessons. Thank you for making strangers into new friends. Thank you for Your protection and being my provider.

This year 2018, I declare for good health and long life to me and my family, and all my loved ones. Continue to shower us with your blessings. And of course, more places for me to wander! 🙂

Lord, bless also the one who is reading this blog post right now – bless his/her family.

Again, thank you God for all the blessings for the year 2017, and we are ready to receive more this year 2018!

To God Be The Glory


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